Why Plan a Murder Mystery Event for Your Corporate Day Out This Year?


Love them or hate them, team building days and corporate days out are the tools that can bring success to your business, and the catalyst for making your team not just good but great. A great team is what you need to evolve your business, make it a wonderful place to work and attract (and keep hold of) great talent.

Murder mystery events make for fantastic corporate and team building events. And here’s why:

Nothing Too Taxing or Physical
The problem with team building events are many and varied. How many times have hearts sunk at the prospect of spending a day paint-balling or trekking over hill and dale?

Something too physically taxing puts people off and something too emotionally or mentally taxing is simply too draining.

Murder mystery events are loads of fun with just the right level of physical and mental stimulation. But that’s not all…

Communication And Interaction
A team that talks, discusses and debates is a progressive one. Team building events should focus on communication as a key factor in the day. There are specific team building tools and activities that focus on specific aspects but with a murder mystery event, you get everything rolled into one.

A Challenge with a Different
Murder mystery events are used in all kinds of ways from celebrating a special birthday or anniversary, to hen and stag dos. When it comes to team building events, they are something different but are still challenging. There are set events or they can be tailored to suit your group. There is no reason for people not to engage, no barriers that prevent people taking part.

People can get involved as much or as little as possible and on their terms. Frankly, we have seen teams flourish before our very eyes all whilst trying to solve a whodunit.

See a Different Side of Your Colleagues
We think we know our colleagues. After all, we have sat opposite them at a desk for years but when you think about it, how much do you really know about your colleagues and team members?

Team building and corporate events should be about getting to know people, as much as they are about creating a new skill set or developing abilities, and we know that corporate murder mystery events are just the ticket to business success.