When is the Right Time to Book A Murder Mystery Weekend?


Murder Mystery weekends are full of fun, laughter and great entertainment, making them the ideal booking for Christmas parties, hen weekends or group celebrations – whatever you’re celebrating, they’re a great way to bring everyone together.

Rather than just a few drinks in your local, why not become characters in a game where you must solve who was murdered and by whom.

Murder Mystery stories can be set in the present day or back in the 1920’s, so you can have fun pretending you’re back in the glam and glitzy Roaring Twenties – or indeed, any other era you’d love to recreate!

Murder Mystery for Work Celebrations
Murder mystery events are the perfect way to unite a variety of people. Work parties tend to be made up of all sorts of people, with different interests and different ages, which is why Murder Mystery events are something everyone can enjoy together and may bring team members closer together as they work together to solve the mystery.

This type of event breaks down the barriers between employees from different departments, can inspire confidence and a great sense of belonging – uniting a workforce as they try and discover who the killer really is. This also makes it a great corporate event to get the team building skills up to scratch.

How does it work?
Murder mystery weekends usually begin with an early evening drinks reception where you will meet the characters and receive your clue-packs. It’s essential not to miss out on any vital clues at this point, as you never what will happen or when! Throughout the three-course silver service dinner the plot unfolds with the actors performing fun, fact-filled scenes. Teammates get to play detective and ask the actors questions. Then it’s time move on to word games and quizzes, which will provide clues and may help unravel the mystery. Throughout the corporate Murder Mystery weekend teams can play detective, whilst actors provide you with scripted and improvised scenes that will eventually lead to the conclusion.

Plots for the Murder mystery weekends include; Christmas Bonanza, Murder at the Moulin Rouge and The Mad Hatters Tea Party, to name just a few – so they’re suitable for any month of the year.

As with the majority of hotel weekend breaks and Christmas parties, it is best to book early to avoid less availability in terms of rooms and preferred dates. You should also consider who might want single occupancy as this also affects the availability of rooms.

However, there’s really no reason not to book a team building event in for Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter – as you’re sure to have a fantastic evening or weekend whenever you choose to have your Murder Mystery event.