What Do You Do at a Murder Mystery Party?

what do you do at a murder mystery party

Murder mystery parties have quickly become a popular way for friends and families to have a blast together. If you’re wondering, “What do you do at a murder mystery party?” don’t fret; this guide will break everything down so that you can confidently enter its world of suspense and fun!

Complete Guide: What Do You Do at a Murder Mystery Party?

At a Murder Mystery Party, participants step into the intriguing world of crime-solving and role-playing. Each guest is assigned a character with a unique backstory, secrets, and motives. As the evening unfolds, attendees must work together to uncover clues, interrogate suspects, and solve a fictional murder. These events offer an immersive and interactive experience, where guests don elaborate costumes, adopt their assigned personas, and use their wit to piece together the puzzle.

Wrapping Your Head Around the Idea

Think of a murder mystery party like entering your own novel: You and the other partygoers become characters in an exciting tale with secrets, motives, and an intriguing mystery to solve. Your aim should be to uncover the fictional murder that lies at its core!

Choosing the Perfect Theme

Start off your murder mystery right by selecting a suitable theme. These could range from 1920s gangster era, haunted house or Hollywood bash events – find one that speaks to both your and your guests’ interests! Choosing one will set the stage for a thrilling and fun-filled adventure!

murder mystery party

Who Are They? Assignment of Roles

Now it is time for roles to be assigned; all players will receive a character dossier detailing your character’s personality, relationships, secrets and clues that need to be known about him/her.

Dressing Up the Part

Here comes the fun part – dressing up! You and your fellow detectives, suspects, and witnesses will be rocking costumes that match your characters. It’s all about getting into the spirit of things.

Gamepla Fyundamentals Explained

What exactly happens at a murder mystery party? Let’s explain below:

  • Play Sleuth: As an attendee at such events, your main task will be to uncover clues for solving the crime at hand by communicating with fellow partygoers, asking questions and gathering as you would with Sherlock Holmes himself on an adventure!
  • Mix and Mingle: Engage in conversations with other characters. Share your findings, suspicions, and theories. The more you interact, the more fun it becomes.
  • Scripted Scenes: The game often follows a script with specific scenes or acts. These scripted moments help move the story forward and reveal important information.
  • Crack the Case: Your endgame is to put all the pieces together – the clues, motives, alibis – to figure out who the murderer is. It’s like solving a thrilling puzzle where everyone holds a piece.

1. Enjoying the Soiree

Remember, a murder mystery party isn’t just about solving the crime; it’s also about having a blast with your pals. There’s tasty food, refreshing drinks, and lively discussions while you play your heart out.

2. The Big Reveal

Finally, after you’ve gathered enough evidence and theories, it’s time for the grand finale. The host or organizer will reveal the murderer and spill the beans on how the crime went down. It’s a dramatic moment that ties the whole night together.


Simply put, attending a murder mystery party means diving into an exciting world of suspense and make-believe. When attending one, guests assume roles, dress up in character for investigation purposes, chat away among themselves to try and unravel an intriguing plotline. So next time someone invites you to one and you find yourself wondering, “What do you do at a murder mystery party?,” don’t panic – remember it’s simply about unleashing your inner detective, enjoying time with friends while uncovering exciting crimes together. Happy investigating!

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