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Murder Mystery Dinner or Weekend: New plot for public events January, February & March 2024

Sherlock Holmes and the body in the Library murder mystery dinner or weekend plot

“Sherlock Holmes and the Body in the Library” Murder Mystery Dinner: Join us at all our public murder mystery dinners or weekend events across the UK in January, February, March or October 2024 for a tale with a Sherlock Holmes murder mystery, the master detective. The famed sleuth is called to the Greenwoods Manor Retreat […]

How Many Characters In A Murder Mystery Party?

Murder mystery events are famous because they can prove the best source of entertainment when people play different roles. As specific characters supported by a solid and exciting storyline. However, it is essential to know how many characters in a murder mystery party are involved. Because everyone has different numbers of friends, guests, family members, […]

Choosing the Perfect Venue for Your Murder Mystery Event

Hosting a murder mystery event involves taking care of different factors to ensure. You can host a successful and mesmerizing party. A murder mystery event is incomplete without having a perfect place to host it. You need to ensure you can select a space where everyone can gather spaciously without feeling crowded or stuffed. Choosing […]