Why Would A Murder Mystery Event Be The Perfect Office Halloween Party?


With Halloween on the horizon and your workplace awaiting an announcement of an even better Halloween party than last year, are you looking for some inspiration? Perhaps you’ve visited all the local restaurants and exhausted the in-office buffet style events. The key to a successful Halloween event is to ensure you arrange a gathering that everyone can be actively involved in as well as offering an opportunity to dress up and celebrate the supernatural.

Why Murder Should Be On Your Mind…

A murder mystery event ticks all the boxes. You can create an event to die for and when better to inject a little foul play than Halloween? Murder mystery parties come in two varieties. Within the bronze or silver package there are one (bronze) or two (silver) two hand picked professional actors to facilitate the laughter and enjoyment with well thought out scripts that leave room for improvisation. If your team are ready to throw themselves into the task and get stuck into acting and mystery solving then this is the event for you. These are role play based interactive scenarios for groups of 7 – 25 people. The gold and gold plus packages include dinner and involve three or more actors who perform the event, with the entire event much more interactive than a roleplay event. Your team will be asked to play detective and interact with the professorial crew who play the suspects.

Terrifying Tales

This is top notch fun and if you pick the Georgian ghost scenario it is scary to boot. What better way to celebrate Halloween than with suspense, blood, horror and murder! This is a great office party solution and murder mystery corporate event. It gives teams the opportunity to bond over a murder and appeals to a whole array of personalities, ages and interests. This is a good chance for people who may be a little timid in a formal dinner scenario to lose themselves in a character and really get involved. Inter departmental rivalries can be overcome by finding a shared purpose in mystery solving and everyone can take on a new character and persona and play someone else for the night.

People who have never spoken to each other before have the opportunity to start chatting and work together to solve mysteries. This is a new type of problem solving for teams – and one with the pressure of doing so quickly before the murderer strikes again.

Venues are available throughout the country so find one to suit you and book in with us in time for the spookiest night of the year.