How To Hold The Perfect Corporate Summer Event


At some stage, during the year your company or workplace may need to hold corporate events, whether that’s to reward the workforce for a job well done or to impress guests and new business associates. But when it comes down to planning an event it can be harder than you think to find something that will suit everyone, so it might interest you to know how well murder mystery corporate events work for get-togethers.

Why Murder Mystery Works at Work
A murder mystery weekend is the perfect summer corporate event – it’s exciting, different and something everyone will love. However, it goes further than just having fun together – these events, whether you make them staff only or a mix of clients and staff can really help boost productivity, help you recognise skills you may not have seen in your staff, and allow you to strengthen business relationships.

Bonding, Engaging, And Building New Relationships
An evening full of games, great company and laughter is the ideal opportunity to build new relationships and offer the time for some team bonding. Not only will attendees enjoy spending time together in a less formal setting than the workplace or boardroom, they’ll also be forging new relationships and showing their skills to other members of the team, making for a bonding experience between clients and staff that can strengthen a working relationship.

Food, Drink And Fun
As you start off being served drinks at an evening reception, attendees are sure to get into the spirit of the occasion before sitting down and indulging in a 3-course meal while the game gets into full swing. Almost everyone loves fancy dress, so the opportunity to dress up and step into a new world full of fun, suspense and entertainment can be hard to resist. With a choice of a selection of lively scenarios such as the roaring 20’s, the hit show Downton Abbey or a glittering Hollywood set with 50’s style you can choose what best suits your attendees, in order to make sure they really get into the swing of things. Whichever plot you choose, your guests can’t fail to get caught up with the excitement and try to solve the mystery.

Make A Weekend Of It
A murder mystery evening makes the ideal summer corporate event; it’s unique and offers something different to your usual get-togethers and can be tailor-made to suit you and your individual needs. Top hotels and spa resorts across the country offer a perfect location – with sumptuous facilities, you don’t have to restrict yourself to an evening – you can make a murder mystery weekend of it!