It’s 1928 and the height of the Flapper era. The grand old Laird McTavish is a miserly millionaire who is celebrating his 100th Birthday.  The good news is that you are on the guest list, along with the close family, however there are a few surprise guests. Clunge the Butler welcomes you to the event accompanied by Fanny the parlour maid, a pair of both unusual characters for certain. Then there is McTavish’s son the whiter than white Curate Robert and the rather saucy Nurse Golightly. Such characters can only mean you’re in for a great night of entertainment.

Soon you’ll be stunned by a hideous murder and quickly discover the identity of the first victim. But why were they killed, and how was the second murder committed and why? Just a few of the questions that you have to discover as amateur sleuth you question the suspects and work out the dastardly villain whodunit.  This show is performed by 4 or more professional actors with small parts for guests.


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27th August 2015