Case Study Two: Murder Mystery Teambuilding Event


Event Location:

Brandshatch Hotel & Spa

Event Description:

Murder Mystery Dinner


1920’s Ronnie Rocks Gangster Ball

The Event

There’s no time for lollygagging with a gum-shoe on the loose.

This vibrant event combined high-class entertainment with a lovable, lowlife character! When a group of our corporate clients sought a teambuilding event with an edge, they knew who to track down. Taking them back in time to the roaring twenties, we emerged the party in the glamour and calamity of Chicago’s prohibition era where rogue of the day, Ronnie Rocks is about to get more than he bargained for…

It’s easy to ‘zone out’ with the same meetings, routines and procedures day to day, so we made sure this was a night like no other. By taking this corporate group out of their comfort zone – and into Ronnie’s – we gave employees with the freedom to walk in someone else’s two-tone brogues and interact within an exciting narrative. With some help from a unique venue, striking costumes and Ronnie’s bootlegged liquor, we gave the group the chance to step out of their everyday roles and relationships, try out new voices and engage with each other on the same level, and from a fresh perspective. Our actors delivered impeccable performances, real interaction and exemplary comic timing to put everyone at ease.

With our all-inclusive, hassle-free package with a riveting murder mystery, invigoration from professional actors among the group and drinks to get things going, it’s little wonder our savvy corporate clients love this sassy event. We carefully comb the information provided at booking to give our actors all the evidence they need to bring the Speakeasy to you.

With an incredible 100% positive feedback rating, Ronnie’s Gangster Ball is a seriously hot ticket.


Posted on

8th December 2015