Case Study One: Murder Mystery Birthday Party


Event Location:

5* Grange Holborn

Event Description:

Private Murder Mystery Dinner


Murder at the Moulin Rouge

The Event

This evening was a showstopper of a hit, with top hats, frills and feathers galore! The lucky guests were transported deep into the frolics of the gaudy, glamorous and infamous fin de siècle nightclub, as the club prepares to hold the premiere of its most outrageous show to date, the rip-roaring “Spectacular Extravaganza!”. Five of our most colourful professional actors lead the group through proceedings with a gamut of fantastically funny characters. Club manager Willy de Bom Boms’ frantic attempts to avert disaster with the show’s writer, a bawdy, bawling drunk, were especially popular.

When one the dancer is bumped off and a homicidal rogue loose in the club, the group were challenged to hunt down the killer in the chorus line – easier said than done with our animated actors recreating the absinthe-soaked ambience all too convincingly.

With a truly exceptional five star backdrop to the evening, the birthday girl and all of her party were sure of an unforgettable night, with the opportunity to dress up in as many fabulously fancy showgirl props as they desired.

A truly stupendous, five-star dinner was served throughout the evening, with a disco to finish that the Moulin Rouge itself would be proud of. With additional actors available for a larger group, this really was a great option to get everyone involved for a truly rare night of food, theatre and hilarity.
Cancan you imagine such an event? Call Murder Mystery Events today and fill your birthday party with sleuths and showgirls!


Posted on

8th December 2015