St Cakes


On Founder’s Day, the teachers and pupils of St. Cakes gather to honour the memory of the blessed Bishop Cakes, who established the school in 930 A.D. Prefects, nerds, bullies and sneaks all do their best to make this a day to remember – and one the headmaster would sooner forget!

Everyone taking part is given a team or “house” to belong to. One of the guests will, of course, be a murderer. The different houses compete with one another to identify who this is, and are also given a “St. Cakes’ challenge” to tackle. This involves the writing of a new school song. At the end, accusations are made, the murderer is identified and the winning song selected.

Fancy dress is optional, but strongly recommended!


Who is St Cakes suitable for?

The plot usually runs for about 3 hours and is suitable for groups of all types and most ages. If you are planning to run it in your school, bear in mind that characters in murder mysteries often behave badly: they kill, they tell lies, they have affairs!

How is the game delivered?

Our games are delivered in downloadable PDF files immediately on purchase. No waiting for the postman.