Cudham Riding Club


Homicide, horse-trading and horrid goings-on: a murder mystery in which it’s not just the horses that get taken for a ride!

Set in timeless rural England, Cudham Riding Club offers all those taking part the chance to belong to the stirrup set for a few hours. Lady Amanda Cudham, founder and chairwoman of the club, has died in tragic and mysterious circumstances. Our plot unfolds during a meeting of the club, where members decide who should replace Amanda as chairwoman.

Everyone is given a character, and whether you end up playing a Lord, a Lady, a dustman or a horsemeat wholesaler, you will encounter more skullduggery, adultery, coercion and crime than in the entire works of Jilly Cooper, Joanna Trollope and Dick Francis.



Who is Cudham Riding Club suitable for?

The behavior of some of the characters in “Cudham Riding Club” is appalling: they take drugs, they gamble, they cheat on their partners, and they kill. As a result, we consider the plot to be suitable only for people aged 15 and over.

How is the game delivered?

Our games are delivered in downloadable PDF files immediately on purchase. No waiting for the postman.