Murder Mystery Dinner or Weekend: New plot for public events January, February & March 2024

Sherlock Holmes and the body in the Library murder mystery dinner or weekend plot

“Sherlock Holmes and the Body in the Library” Murder Mystery Dinner:

Join us at all our public murder mystery dinners or weekend events across the UK in January, February, March or October 2024 for a tale with a Sherlock Holmes murder mystery, the master detective. The famed sleuth is called to the Greenwoods Manor Retreat to solve the crime of a hideous stabbing of a renowned historian, teacher and antiquarian, Oliver Messenger, who was discovered murdered in the Library.

London’s East End Mission runs Greenwoods Manor Retreat. Reverend Ivor Bellund who runs Greenwoods, celebrates its 20th Anniversary with a celebration Ball. Unfortunately, the big party is almost cancelled due to the discovery of a body in the Library. But why was the victim killed? Murder? Accident? Revenge? And what does a stolen rare book have to do with it? Can you solve the crime… with the help of Sherlock Holmes?

This is a tricky case to crack, as there are multiple murders! I don’t want to give the game away, but I will tell you, you’re seeking more than one murderer.

This story is also available if you are considering booking a private event on the Gold Interactive option, enquire here.

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