How To Decorate For A Murder Mystery Party?

The lovers of murder mystery party lovers often want to do something creative and attention-grabbing. To make things interesting, they want to make new decoration that can increase the excitement of the participants. And their curiosity to uncover who is the real murderer behind all the unsolved clues and mysteries. 

A murder mystery event solely depends on the way it is decorated because it will reflect. How much efforts you have spend to make it look like the fiction you’re playing. People want to know how to decorate for a murder mystery party. Because many of them want something different and unique. You must also know about how to organize a murder mystery party.

How To Decorate For A Murder Mystery Party? 6 Amazing Factors You Must Consider:

The following are some essential factors that you must follow. If you’re looking for how to decorate for a murder mystery party. 

Decide Your Party’s Theme And Setting:

The first crucial factor in how to decorate for a murder mystery party is to decide the specific party’s theme. And its setting accordingly. Your whole decorations and setting for the party depend on the theme you will select. Whether you want to choose famous classical fictional novels or movies or today’s technology-based action thrillers. You must choose the one which you and the other participants can easily recreate. And are comfortable with its story plot. All of these things lay a special foundation for an interactive murder mystery party.  

Start From The Entrance:

The second factor is that when you want to decorate your space for the murder mystery party. You must start it from the entrance to ensure the participants feel excited. When they enter the specific place for the party. You can use the specific crime scene tape, any crime scene sign indicating to go in a certain direction. Or adding mysterious lights, etc are also the best ways to make an attractive entrance decoration. 

Modern Lighting And Specific Decoration:

The third factor is to add modern lighting in a dull color or fairy lights in some specific spots. To ensure you can create a devilish environment. Even you can use T-candle lights to add extra sophistication when they are in modern and appealing holders. It is important to remain consistent to your specific theme and decorate accordingly. 

If you have selected the classical story or movie, you must use the candelabras. Vintage candle holders, and draped fabrics, etc as decoration materials. On the other hand, if you want to enhance the modern element, then adding bold colors, modern furniture. Or themed props, etc can prove the right choice. 

Showing Crime-Scene Details:

The fourth factor is that you must show the crime-scene in detail by splattering the different crime scene objects. Like the bloodstained napkins, detective magnifying glasses, and crime scene markers, etc can prove essential. When you use a marker to outline the crime scene in detail. It will create an element of reality and excite many crime-fiction lovers.

Decoration According To Individual Characters:

The fifth factor is that during the decoration. You must ensure to consider each character of the party and decorate accordingly. If one character is a bold and modern one, you should provide some shiny costume and specific decoration for him. And for characters with classical point of view in mind. You must ensure to make specific decorations and provide him with elegant costume. You should set a specific spot for characters to see the proper fitting of their costumes. And if they want to add or change anything in their costumes. 

Classic Stage Setting Equipment:

The sixth factor is that you should set up the stage using classical equipment. You can visit different consignment stores and purchase the decoration equipment for a specific period. And then return them at the end of the party. 

Old fashioned and classical telephones, paintings, furniture, and antique pieces are the best examples of classical equipment. You can use in the decoration. You should also make some posters of the specific participants and write criminal or wanted over them to ensure. You can add some thrill in your party. Decorate your table with different classical crockery and decoration pieces. 

Final Thoughts:

To conclude, how to decorate for a murder mystery party? It is important to pay attention to each factor and even the minor details of the party. To make it authentic and more real. Adding different decoration equipment, choosing specific sinister music, lighting, etc can help you make an engaging storyline for each character. And increase their excitement for the party.