How To Set Up Murder Mystery Party?

We have watched movies, and it feels like we are playing the lead characters or we love some characters. Whether it’s the villain or any other character. But can you ever make it true in real life? Because we all have fantasies. To ensure you don’t feel frustrated by just making up things in your mind. There is a special event or party, namely a murder mystery party. 

In which a person invites his friends or other people he has good relations with and plays a mysterious game. In which a person among them is murdered (not in real, chill out). The other characters find the main culprit behind this crime, making the game full of mysterious activities. But if you want to host a murder mystery party. You should know how to set up a murder mystery party correctly without missing the real fun. 

Make Your Party Unforgettable By Knowing: How To Set Up Murder Mystery Party?

Consider the following important things while setting up a murder mystery party. 

DIY Method Or Using A Murder Mystery Theme Kit?

The first vital thing to consider is whether you want to make the party theme by yourself. Or you want to buy a murder mystery party kit. In which there is a detail of every event related to the party step by step. From the selection of the theme to the revealing of the criminal. And the associated ups and downs of the party. But if you want to go for the “I will make my own theme” idea. Create a story that can hold the interest of the other characters and surely involves various creepy yet mysterious scenes. 

Select A Location For The Party

The second thing involves selecting a specific location for the party. If you invite a limited number of people who can comfortably accommodate your house. Then your house is the best option for the party. But for many people, selecting a big hall or area is preferred. Create a specific environment that matches the plot of your story. You can place clues at different locations for the other characters to find out during the party. Make an environment dark and deadly where a crime can occur so that your guests may admire your intelligence, too. 

Prize For The Winners And Party Menu

The third thing is that you can only build curiosity in your guests. Once you hold a prize for the one who finds the culprit, your guests will try to find the culprit more enthusiastically to win the prize. Also, you can only make your guests do heavy mental work by offering them hot and spicy food. So don’t forget to select a good menu for the party according to the guests’ preferences too. 

Day, Time, And Number Of Guests

The fourth thing is setting a specific day and time for the party so everyone can join you easily. You have to select the number of guests, too. Select them according to the characters in your story to make things easy for everyone. 

Start The Game With Suspense

The fifth thing is starting the game after the meal by announcing the sudden and anonymous murder of a guest. Then, let all the guests play their characters according to their roles. Let the characters talk to each other for mutual discussions and interrogate the suspected character’s interference with the victim. And let them find different clues for solving the challenging riddles. Then, take a little interval to ensure every one of your guests is fresh. And can eat something to calm the pumping curiosity in their nerves. 

Reveal The Culprit

The sixth step in how to set up a murder mystery party is revealing the daunting criminal. Give a prize to the winner who caught the culprit. And ensure everyone enjoys the party afterward until it is time to say goodbye. The guests can take precious memories with them and make new connections through such parties. 

Summing It Up

To sum up, how to set up murder mystery party? Some critical things can ensure your party remains the best. Or neglecting these things can also destroy the party’s humor, mystery, and spookiness. So follow the things mentioned in this guide to set up a lavishing yet cheerful party. Some people also search for how to organize a murder mystery party at their homes.