How To Make A Murder Mystery Dinner Party?

Planning new activities with your friends can prove a great way. To refresh all those memories you have made with them. Spending time with your friends involves challenging dares and playing different games. One such activity is planning a murder mystery dinner party with your friends or loved ones. 

At this dinner party, you will create a unique background where a mysterious murder occurs. And then your friends will help you solve this unexpected murder. But it is vital to know how to make a murder mystery dinner party. Because it depends on several essential parts. 

Hold A Successful Dinner Party By Knowing: How To Make A Murder Mystery Dinner Party?

The following are the main parts responsible for a disturbance-free and interesting murder mystery dinner party. 

Finalize Your Murder Story And A Specific Day

The first part involves finalizing the main murder story of your dinner party with your friends. According to the thrilling movies or novels you and your friends like. With mutual discussion, select your favorite murder story with the element of joy, mysteriousness, and wickedness in it. Then, ask them about their schedule so you can choose a specific day when all candidates are free to host the dinner party. 

Inviting Guests And Giving Them Specific Roles

The second part involves sending invitations to your friends or guests who you want to participate in the dinner party. You can also tell them their roles once they gather at your space. Still, if you tell them about the invitations, they can prepare themselves a little bit for their specific roles. In this way, make the dinner party more interesting and engaging. 

They can prepare their costumes and also do some research on their characters. The duration of the party also matters, so make sure you and your guests can easily make it because once the party starts, there’s no going back until the detectives safely catch the culprit.

Decide Your Menu And Build A Fake Scenario

How to make a murder mystery dinner party? The third part is that when you’re hosting a party, even if it is for solving a murder mystery, you still have to fill your and your guests’ appetites. Ask them for opinions about their favorite dish. And choose some dishes that can match the spookiness of your murder story. After selecting the menu. Convert your space into an engaging, powerful, horrifying, yet modern crime scene, as the mysterious murder requires. This can ensure that guests feel contended with the setting for the dinner party. 

Solve Riddles And Interact With Fellow Characters

The fourth part is to create several riddles and puzzles. That you and the other characters will solve during the dinner party. So that they can solve them after searching mysteriously for the clues and solutions. Take the help of your fellow characters and set the difficulty of the riddles accordingly. Also, discuss the case with them during solving it so they feel connected with the plot. 

Take A Break

The fifth part is that parties only succeed without a break and food. Make sure to give your guests some rest and provide them with good food. To ensure they are active and can deal with the level of covering the mysterious occurrence of the murder. 

The Criminal Is Caught Up Red-Handedly

The sixth part is ensuring that the dinner party is short. duration. Which can lead to boring faces of the guests and create sudden twists. In the story that can lead to the criminal being caught efficiently, leading to a successful case. 

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, how to make a murder mystery dinner party? You need to take care of every detail related to the party. To ensure you can stay on track and make this dinner party a precious memory. For your guests and loved ones. You should also try looking for What makes a murder mystery events interesting?