Dos And Don’ts For Participants In Murder Mystery Events

Hosting a murder mystery event is very trending nowadays. People hold such events to meet friends and colleagues and make new connections. However, knowing the appropriate way of hosting such events is crucial. Knowing the main dos and don’ts for participants in murder mystery events can help you restrain yourself from doing anything. That offends your guests or ruins the fun of the event. 

Explaining The Vital Dos And Don’ts For Participants In Murder Mystery Events

The following are the main dos and don’ts for participants in murder mystery events you must know about. 

5 Things You Must Add In The Event

Add these things to your murder mystery event to make it more weird and sinister. 

Get Proper Information About The Character

First, you should explore everything related to your character that can prove essential and helpful during solving the mystery. Whether you’re a leading character, detective, thief, victim, etc. Gaining information that can help you act as the real character is important. 

Associating With Fellow Characters

Second, you should communicate with your fellow characters during the event to solve the mystery. This involves asking them related queries and providing options to solve the mystery. But listening to their side of the story is also efficient. 

Note Down Important Things

The third thing is that detectives and police officers have notepads and pens to note risky and doubtful things. That can help solve mysteries. You should also have this equipment by your side to ensure it can help you remember vital information. 

Follow The Instructions Of The Mastermind

Fourth, whomever the person has invited you, even a friend or a colleague to whom you’re superior. You must follow the rules they made. Because they know how the game works and how it will end. So arguing with them will only ruin the fun, and you may also feel annoyed. 

Enjoy The Event

The fifth thing is to eat the spooky menu for the event and crack funny jokes with other guests. So that you can enjoy the event to its fullest.

3 Things You Must Never Do In Your Event

The following things can ruin the party’s fun, and you must not do such things.

Don’t Try To Steal The Spotlight

First, you must not try to steal other’s scenes and disturb them while they’re playing their roles. Because they are also here to enjoy the event and have to play a part, even if it is minor. Just play your part and let others enjoy it, too. 

Don’t Ruin The Riddle

The second thing to avoid is if you are close to the game’s mastermind. And he has told you about the answers to the riddles, then keep it to yourself. Don’t try to ruin the fun of the game by telling the mystery. Before anyone has even got their hands on the clues. Let them find the vital clues, and you should also not ignore the clues you find. Because they can help solve the mystery. 

Unrelated Information

The third thing is don’t include information from any other mystery character irrelevant to your event. And if you talk about any business-related things or the breakups or patch-ups of your friends. Then it will only ruin the main moto of the event. Also, stay in your character even after the event is over to ensure that you enjoy the event. And are deeply immersed in your character. This also includes enjoying the event but not eating too much food. Otherwise, you’ll catch a stomach ache, and solving the mystery will not be fun anymore. 

Final Words

To wrap up, dos and don’ts for participants in murder mystery events. It is essential to gain such information to make your event memorable where everyone is enjoying the party. While remaining in their characters, they’re finding the culprit who has done this cold-blooded murder. It is also essential to know how long does murder mystery party last.

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