COVID-19 Pandemic


COVID-19 Pandemic

The impact on services from Murder Mystery Events Limited

Due to the global pandemic, all existing bookings have been rescheduled to 2021.

Our public murder mystery dinners are scheduled to restart in  February 2021.

Where it is safe to do so we will perform live murder mystery events, subject to passing our risk assessment.

We are not providing venue finding services during the pandemic, so you would need to source your own venues.

We are following Government guidelines completely, so if there’s a lockdown we would not be able to supply services.

COVID-19 Guarantee

You can be assured of peace of mind when confirming a booking

During this uncertain period any live events affected by local or national lockdown may be rescheduled free of charge up to 24 months in the future from the scheduled performance date at no additional charge.

Join us for Virtual Events

Virtually Murder! is a live zoom murder mystery event with our usual professional Who Sleighed Santa a Virtual Murder Mysterycast from TV, Film and the West End

We are hosting live events on Zoom throughout the lockdown for friends and family to connect have a good belly laugh and solve whodunnit! We have hosted events for Halloween, Friday 13th and are hosting Xmas Parties

You can be in your own breakout room teams when you play along at home, its a very interactive and hilarious experience, for more details see


Office Hours

We may take longer to get back to you.

Due to home working and reduced staffing, it may take more time to get back to you, but be assured we will still be providing the excellent customer service you’ve come to expect.

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