Our Favourite Murder Mystery Plotlines


While we enjoy putting on all our murder mystery plotlines, we definitely have some firm favourites. Our actors pride themselves on their ability to switch from theme to theme, their faces do tend to light up when they see their favourite plotline booked in on our diary.

The Great Gatsby

There is a reason the 1920’s was dubbed “roaring” and this storyline truly is rip-roaring fun. Join us in a world of real gangsters and flappers in a time where fun and frolics were a must. This story includes an elusive millionaire, uninvited guests and plenty of juicy secrets just waiting to be spilled. But secrets aren’t the only thing being spilled with a gruesome murder on the cards. With small parts available for guests you too can join in the game and who doesn’t love dressing up in the fashions of the 20’s with dapper suits and sparkly dresses galore. Any of our 1920’s range always proves popular but The Great Gatsby is a huge favourite with our actors and our guests alike.

The Great Detective

When you think crime solving there are a few big names which come to mind and one of the biggest is without doubt, Sherlock Holmes. The original and the best, Sherlock Holmes is as synonymous with murder mystery as eggs are with bacon. We have a selection of storylines featuring the great detective for you to choose from and all of them prove very popular with our guests. Of course, it’s elementary that the actor chosen to play Sherlock always enjoys the evening too! Some of these Sherlock plots also offer small roles for guests who too want to be a part of solving a murder with the man himself.

Licence to thrill

The smooth sophistication combined with the tongue in cheek humour of our 007 style secret agent themed murder mystery night is a huge hit with our actors and guests. The suspense and drama make the evening feel like a night at an exclusive country club while the actors entertain and provide the amusement featuring a plot that any James Bond fan will approve of.

Alice in Wonderland

Our team love performing this more family friendly plotline as a change from some of our more macabre events. With characters from the story coming to life and parts for our guests, this event is ideal for families with children of around 12 who want to dive into a make-believe world with a mystery to solve.

Whatever the type of celebration or get together, you’re sure to find one of our plotlines the perfect partner for an evening no one will ever forget.