A Guide to Themes and How it Works


From gangsters to nuns, Sherlock Holmes to the Mad Hatter; our range of murder mystery events are unparalleled. No matter what your style, the size of your party or the event you are celebrating, we have the perfect theme for you. Our range of corporate events are ideal team building exercises with a unique twist and the murder mystery dinners we host are an evening unlike any other you will experience.

So how does it all work and what type of plotlines can you expect us to be able to deliver?

Finding a theme

We have a huge selection of themes and plotlines for you to choose from when booking you murder mystery event. Our plotline page has them clearly set out in groups of themes, making it easier for you to narrow down your search. Would you like to experience a gangster laden mystery set in the roaring 1920’s or perhaps a Gatsby themed party from the same era? We can offer classic detective themes features Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie inspired murder plots bound to get the little grey cells working.

Other themes include spy plotlines, military themes and even a family friendly Alice in Wonderland theme. Each theme is different and will have different options on whether you and your guests can join in the story as characters yourself or whether you can just sit back and relax as the story unfolds around you. We will always welcome suggestions and ideas for a bespoke event if you cannot find the perfect theme for your corporate event.

How it works

Each theme is different and will play out slightly differently, but you will be advised of this when booking. If you and your guests are taking on roles in the story, then you will be given a character pack on arrival for you to learn about your role. During a drinks reception at the beginning of the night you will be introduced to all the characters, including those played by our professional actors. Then when dinner is served you will have the chance to pick up more clues about your fellow suspects before playing games which will be laden with more clues and information.

Before dessert, you will be asked to give your guess as to who the suspect is and there is often a bottle of bubbly for the correct guess. Large corporate events may run slightly differently, but again this will all be fully explained when booking.

Each theme and story will vary so you will never have the same experience twice which is one the reasons why we have so many customers attending more than one of our events. Get in touch today to begin planning your murder mystery event.