Murder Mystery Events give you the Ultimate Office Party

Corporate events can be tedious occasions. We’ve all been through them. Colleagues and managers forced awkwardly together in a budget-restricted venue and fed party food and cheap champagne whilst attempting to make conversation. It’s not really anybody’s idea of a good time.

Thankfully there is an exciting alternative which is becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses today. What starts out as a pleasant social evening soon has an unpleasant twist when one of the guests is found murdered! Combined with plenty of delicious food and drink, and excellent themed costumes, these role-play gatherings are the latest office team-building experiences livening up the UK’s office parties and get-togethers.

As any company director knows, it is virtually impossible for an organisation to be successful and profitable without an enthusiastic team who mesh well together behind the scenes. Unfortunately, we never get to choose who we work with and the pressure of daily tasks can prevent us from being able to get to know properly the people we see every day of the week. From a business perspective, a fragmented team who can’t work well together is massively detrimental to productivity, therefore employers have always ensured that communication is supported and working relationships are strongly encouraged.

What better way than to get the whole team involved than with one of these engaging Murder Mystery Events? The choices for plots, locations and venues are now practically infinite. Whether you fancy flying back to the 1920s and donning your gangster hat and tie, or perhaps flavouring it up with some burlesque feathers at the Moulin Rouge, each event integrates professional actors at where drinks, dinner and prizes are also included.

Murder Mystery Events offer event packages in various different formats. Two types are ‘role play murder mystery’ and ‘dinner theatre murder mystery.’ Role play murder mystery plots are created for all age groups and usually for smaller parties, whereas the dinner theatre murder mystery is usually the preferred choice for office parties. Plots falling into this category have been performed to groups as small as six individuals right up to huge groups as large as 400.

As part of a dinner theatre murder mystery, you will witness the murder taking place before the story and clues begin to gradually unfold. The ‘audience’ all receive clue packs and an opportunity to thoroughly question the fiendish suspects, played by professional actors. Amidst all the suspicion, there are various token parts which can be played by any of the co-workers, before a prize is awarded to the person who successfully solves the mystery.

Of course, the brilliance of these kinds of events is that people don’t really turn up with the intention of becoming the next Inspector Morse or Sherlock Holmes; instead it’s simply a team of people coming together from a normally pressurised and busy environment and simply enjoying a good laugh and a little mystifying escapism.

Keep in mind that a run-of-the-mill corporate dinner may still be more appropriate in some cases. For example, it is not recommended to bring along a prospective client to one of these events and have somebody scream hysterically in their face. Chances are they will be slightly concerned about your commitment as a result. However, these hysterical ‘whodunits’ are an excellent way of getting the team communicating, concentrating and participating. Unbelievably, they can even affect a person’s work ethic and unearth skills such as logical thinking, discipline, motivation or commitment that perhaps were not evident before.

Our Murder Mystery Events are lots of fun and you can get involved as little or as much as you like in the murder story. For a listing of our shared murder mystery weekend breaks visit and book early to avoid disappointment.