The Auction


    At “The Auction” you will play a character in a fascinating plot of mystery, double-dealing, bribery, black mail and intrigue. You will not just be watching, you will be completely involved in the wheeling and dealing. Can you outbid the opposition, keep your dark secret quiet and unmask the murderer? There is only one way to find out!

    A week before “The Auction” all of the guests attending will receive the front page of “Yesterday’s News” – the antique dealers’ magazine. This explains the background to the auction, the unfortunate death of Baroness Audry Von Munchen and the relics found on her last archaeological expedition. There will also be a copy of the guest list with a brief description of everyone attending the auction, including the character you have been given. This might be a lord, lady, the butler, a priest or even a spy! …