Virtual Murder Mystery Events

Private Virtual Murder Mystery Events

If you’d like to organise a private virtual murder mystery event for a birthday, celebration or company event, visit this page for more details.

Shared Virtual Murder Mystery Events

To join one of our planned public events, select from any of the dates listed below and book your tickets.

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The thrill of a murder mystery event from the comfort of your home!

This virtual murder mystery is performed by professional actors from TV, Film & Westend Stage and streamed LIVE via Zoom.

Join us with your friends at a virtual murder mystery most horrid! See the hideous murder performed before your very eyes and work as a team in your breakout room to decipher whodunnit?

These shared events are the perfect opportunity to get into the party spirit and make new friends as you play alongside other Murder Mystery fans. If you’d like to organise a private virtual murder mystery event for a birthday, celebration or company event get in touch for details.


Upcoming events

From classic detective work with Sherlock Holmes to the romance and glamour of Hollywood, we’ve got a variety of virtual murder mystery event plots on offer.

Up to 40 guests can be on the same team and our events are suitable for ages 12 and up. See individual event pages above for more details.


Why choose Murder Mystery Events?

With over 20 years of experience delivering shocks, laughs and thrills to our party guests, you can be sure you are in good hands with Murder Mystery Events!

Although the event is hosted over Zoom, you can expect the same level of entertainment and involvement as our in-person parties.

  • Performed LIVE by actors from stage & screen
  • Highly interactive – work out whodunnit in breakout room teams
  • Make new friends at shared events or play with family and friends in your own team
  • Social media competitions on Facebook
  • Interactive polls
  • Great prizes

I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you so much for last night! We were all really impressed with your enthusiasm and the evening was a complete success! Please thank all the actors on my behalf, I look forward to hopefully working with you again soon.

―Emma Ritchie, Ernst & Young

The night was wonderful. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and got involved with the mystery. The actors were fantastic and definitely made our night a memorable one! A very funny plot performed with genius comedy timing and perceptive audience participation.

―Emily Hodgins, Euromoneyg

Thank you much for a most amazing evening. We had a wonderful time, food, hotel, actors all lovely and totally amazing. Those that have actually made it in this morning can’t stop talking about it, and of course they think I’m great for booking it. So win win all round.

―Louise Sadler, Lappset Playworld

A huge thanks to the team for putting together a fabulous night on Saturday. My colleague, Anita, said she had a great time and more importantly, all the journalists kept praising the evening to her as it progressed. All the journalists had nothing but positive comments which we expect to result in fabulous articles over the coming weeks.

―Megan McIntyre, Rooster Publicity

The event was great and everyone had fun. It works well with the current format of having a roleplay because this was the first time so some people were a bit dubious to get a costume for their character, but everyone ended up having a good time.So, thanks for organizing, and please relay my thanks to the actress.

―Laurent Romieux, Bloomberg

I’m normally a bit cynical about these things but had an amazing time! The actors were really good, the food was excellent, there was great interaction between the actors and the guests – it was really fabulous.

―Pete Bell, The Sun

How virtual murder mystery events work

  1. When you book tickets we will send you a link to register for the Zoom meeting, information on how the event runs, and of course your all important clue pack and solution sheet for the game!
  2. At the start of event, you are welcomed by your host and shown how to get the best experience before getting to know your fellow guests at the virtual meet and greet.
  3. You will be virtually transported by your host to the first scene and introduced to the key characters and depending on the plot may witness a horrid MURDER!
  4. Interrogate each key suspect in turn in your breakout room and return to the main room to witness further scenes with our talented team of actors.
  5. Once you have interrogated all the key suspects it will be your time to solve the mystery. Send your answers to the host and then witness the dramatic denouement and reveal whodunnit!

Frequently asked questions

How long does it last?

Usually, around 2 hours running time in total.

Do I need a Zoom account to play?

Yes and it’s free to register an account.

What does “Device Pass” mean?

A “device pass” is for two people on the same laptop/mobile/tablet. If two people are in different locations, you would need two device passes. If three of more people want to play on the same device your need to buy an additional device pass.

Are these events completely live?

Yes, they are 100% live. There are no pre-recorded elements to the events.

Do I have to wear fancy dress?

No, but it’s more fun if you do! Each event is themed to a particular genre. We also run a fancy dress competition with great prizes!

Do I have to appear on screen?

You don’t have to, but it’s more fun and interactive if you do. We recommend you have your cameras on during the breakout rooms.

Can children attend?

Yes they can, however it’s down to your discretion. The events are geared towards adults with some bawdy carry-on humour, plus there may be references to drugs, sex, alcohol, prostitution and of course MURDER! We recommend treating the event as if it had a 12A film certificate.