Whilst there are other companies  offering murder mystery nights out, we believe  that MurderMysteryEvents.com the best track record of reliability, professionalism and excellent quality entertainment, testimonials are available from our past clients and venues to prove our excellence.

The company director Mark Hayden worked in interactive murder mystery events since the year 2000.  He remains a working professional actor with appearances in TV, Film and Theatre including Agatha Christie’s record-breaking West End production of “The Mousetrap”. Mark also has an extensive background in event management, theatre production and interactive entertainment, he also writes and directs. Over the years the business has grown Murder Mystery Events to become a market leader in providing interactive comedy murder mysteries with the emphasis on entertaining the audience whilst they play detective, working in teams and interacting with the actors to work out whodunit.

All Murder Mystery Events performers are professional working actors, many of whom have appeared in TV, Film and Theatre in London’s West End. Not only are they highly skilled in scripted performance but also experts at improvisational comedy to provide off the cuff interaction, which adds magic to an event.

Our events offer the perfect blend of a real mystery to solve which will engage your grey cells along with funny interactive dinner theatre. Think of it as “Carry on Agatha Christie”.

So if you’re looking for:

  • Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Personal Service
  • Entertainment
  • A mystery to solve
  • Comic fun

Don’t risk a sub-standard evening; choose Murder Mystery Events for your next night out.