You and your guests must play detective to solve the crime. You are encouraged to work as a team, with fellow guests. The key things to do are:

  • Come in fancy dress
  • Be observant
  • Ask questions
  • Work as a team
  • Have fun!

With at a GOLD interactive murder mystery you have a full cast of actors playing the key parts, if you wish at a private event your guests may be given small token parts as part of the interaction. Our combination of interactive improvisation and scripted scenes means guests are free to get involved as little or as much as they like, creating the perfect blend of fun, involvement and theatre to provide entertainment to die for!

Our BRONZE & SILVER role-play murder mysteries are facilitated by professional actors and you and your guests play the parts- yes you could be the killer! These events rely on your acting skills and on written clues. They are only available to private celebration groups, they are great fun with interaction between guests making them very involving as you put the clues together to solve the crime.