Facilitated by 2 professional actors with 7 role-play parts

We have specifically written a story tailored to be suitable for Adults and Children of 10+ to play. It is a murder mystery event where you play the suspects! With favourite characters like the Dormouse, Alice and the King of Hearts, you’re sure to get into character and have an unforgettable super fun time. The Mad Hatters Tea Party is suitable for 7 to 30 guests and is hosted by 2 professional actors who play parts in the story. You are able to personalise the event with gossip about the fellow guests!

The story unfolds over the Mad Hatters tea party.  The question is – who has stolen the Queen of Hearts Tarts? With the Jam Jamboree happening tomorrow the thief must be found – but some people will stop at nothing to avoid capture. Soon a murder is committed.

This is the murder mystery where you play the suspects and solve the crime. It’s down to you and your fellow guests to solve the mystery aided by The Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts. One of you is the murderer- but whom?

All will be revealed in a thrilling dinner of intrigue! This event is facilitated by 2 professional actors; this is a role play event where many of the guests make up the cast.




Posted on

27th August 2015