Case Study Two: Murder Mystery Hen Night


Event Location:

Marriott Birmingham

Event Description:

Shared Murder Mystery Dinner & Disco


The Happy Hen Murder Mystery Role-play

The Event

This fabulous evening was tailor-made for a hilarious Hen Night. In a magnificent four star hotel, our professional actors took the group back to 1920s gangsterland, a fast-paced underworld of prohibition, mobsters and partners in love – and crime. We assigned our guests a host of laugh-out-loud, larger-than-life characters, such as Amy Wino, Tina Turncoat and Paris Milton and secretly wrote the bride and groom-to-be into the script! Peppering the plot with snippets given to us about the bride, groom, or other members of the group added a personal touch to the riotous performance – and several genuine surprises!

The story centred on ‘Henny Heartbeat’ (a role played by the Hen), the owner of ‘Henny’s Happy Hideaway’, speakeasy to the stars. Her future husband is the notorious Mr ‘Big Shot’, a swaggering gangster at the head of the mob. The story is set on Henny’s Hen Night, when there is a blood-curdling scream and an atrocious murder!

The brilliance of the event was that everyone – especially the Hen – was implicated in the dastardly deed; with striking performances and seamless improvisation, quick-thinking and quick-wit from our hosting actors, we made sure everyone was involved in bringing the killer at the dinner to justice.

Absolutely everything was taken care of on the night, from delicious meals and bootlegged booze, to real-time theatre and even their very own disco to finish the night off in style.

For a truly unforgettable Hen Night full and a show personalised for you and your friends, call Murder Mystery Events for a killer evening.


Posted on

8th December 2015