Case Study Two: Murder Mystery Christmas Party


Event Location:

Grange Hotel, York

Event Description:

Corporate Murder Mystery Dinner


Murder at Downfall Abbey

The Event

What DID the butler see?

This office Christmas party treated our corporate clients like lords and ladies, drawing upon the enormous popularity of the Downton Abbey television series. Three of our haughtiest acting professionals donned their most splendid gloves, gowns and tailcoats to immerse our innocent guests into the grandeur of the very, very guilty…

Rounding off another year, our guests first and foremost needed to relax. Luckily, this is a matter in which are experts. The extraordinary performances with an emphasis on the ridiculous ensured even the weariest worker could unwind with the fun. With raised eyebrows, innuendoes, cooks, countesses and cut-glass accents to shame the Queen, lords and lowlifes were mixed together in the most fabulously enthralling dinner our guests had ever peered at across the parlour!

With instantly recognisable, yet curiously altered characters such as the well-hydrated super sleuth ‘Hercule Perrier’, and set against the stunning backdrop of York’s regal Grange Hotel, we made sure this was a night to remember. The last thing you want at the end of the year is excessive party planning, venue-finding, or chasing up djs and caterers. As with all our Christmas parties, we made every detail was covered, from the magnificently moreish meal to the uproarious entertainment and the ‘Downfall Disco’ where both Hercule and the hoi polloi danced into the night.

If you are looking for something a bit different for your office party, something to include everyone and deliver the good time you’ve worked hard for, call Murder Mystery Events today and bring some theatre to the festivities!




Posted on

8th December 2015