Business Case Study One: Murder Mystery Product Launch


Event Location:

Sherlock Holmes Hotel, London

Event Description:

Shared Murder Mystery Dinner & Disco


1920s McTavish Murder Mystery

The Event

With a chain of high-profile hotels to promote and a roomful of national newspaper journalists to entertain, we provided first-rate entertainment with what has now become our bestselling Murder Mystery experience.

The ‘McTavish Mystery’ transported the Park Plaza Hotels’ guests to the outrageous world of the 1920s where flappers and folly hide far more unsavoury acts.

Set at miserly millionaire Laird McTavish’s 100th birthday celebrations, guests were encouraged to really dress up with to the dizzying extravagance of the time and place, giving an exciting sense of the bygone life of the lavish. Our skilful actors threw themselves into a fantastic array of unusual characters with a wholly contagious enthusiasm. The sassy Nurse Golightly gave her saucy winks and asides, Clunge the Butler’s strange relationship with Fanny the Maid got odder with each ad-lib, the dour and unamused Curate Robert kept a straight face throughout, and of course, mean man of money, McTavish himself, seemed rather more savvy than his years would allow…

Our high-ranking journalist guests were ushered into the lavish Sherlock Holmes Hotel where they were greeted by the eye-catching characters, treated to a delectable three-course meal any millionaire would marvel at – and bore witness to murder most foul!

With access to national media platforms and a collective readership of millions, this was not a time for any part of the event to go awry. However, the huge enjoyment and effort we get from putting on these performances ensured that nothing did; our character actors remained in their roles all night for an authentic experience, their gusto and comedy ensuring full involvement from all.

The night garnered a host of superb reviews in the national press and sparked the flurry of interest that helped to establish Murder Mystery Events as a firm favourite when it comes to live, high-profile entertainment.


Posted on

8th December 2015