The Final Curtain


Tragedy has struck in the normally quiet world of Littledean Theatre. During a performance of the thriller ‘The Final Curtain’ , Vincent Royle, the leading actor, has collapsed to the floor, dead. Amidst the screams and gasps from the audience and cast members the curtain comes down and the investigations begin. It seems that Vincent’s death is not by natural causes and Scotland Yard believe it is murder!

However, in true theatrical style, the show must go on. Vincent’s understudy plays his role the next night and afterwards all the company are called together by the theatre manager, Jay Fitzharing.


More than just a boxed version of a murder game, “The Final Curtain” provides you with everything you need to run a fun, participative event for 7 to 14 people. Every guest has a character, with their own objectives and money and/or props, making the game both memorable and enjoyable for all kinds of people.

“The Final Curtain” is a 1920s murder mystery which runs for approximately three hours and welcomes you to the world of Littledean Theatre where artistic temperaments and theatrical secrets go hand in hand with cigarette holders and feather boas.

How is the game delivered?

Our games are delivered in downloadable PDF files immediately on purchase. No waiting for the postman.