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Downloadable Murder Mystery Game

Role-play Murder Mystery – Suspect Everyone!



Cudham Riding Club Murder Mystery

Downloadable Murder Mystery Game

Cudham Riding Club - a downloadable murder mystery gameSkulduggery, adultery, coercion and death set amongst the horsey set of Rural England. Saddle up for a murder! A plot with as many twists, turns and tangles as the best of Jilly Cooper, Joanna Trollope and Dick Francis. In this gripping detective game, everyone plays a character connected in some way to an awfully English riding club. Its Chairwoman has died after falling off her horse. The police suspect foul play but no one seems to have a reason for wanting her dead.

Who is Cudham Riding Club murder mystery suitable for?

The behavior of some of the characters in “Cudham Riding Club” is appalling: they take drugs, they gamble, they cheat on their partners, and they kill. As a result, we consider the plot to be suitable only for people aged 15 and over.

How is the murder mystery game delivered?

Our games are delivered in downloadable PDF files immediately on purchase. No waiting for the postman. See the free PDF introduction here.