Court in the Act


The Court of St James’s Palace, London in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. All present have but lately arrived from the royal premiere of Master Shakespeare’s latest rib-tickling comedy, Two Ladies of Venice.

Now, the Queen makes merry and entertains her courtiers, guests, would-be husbands and envoys from foreign powers with a sumptuous banquet. But while all prepare to feast and frolic, dark clouds gather, the sound of war-drums is heard in the distance – and that dear old man the Archbishop of Canterbury, who surely had never an enemy in the world, is found brutally murdered.


As well as the Queen and her courtiers, guests include French, Italian and Spanish envoys, playwrights Shakespeare and Marlowe, gallants Drake and Raleigh, the exiled Mary Queen of Scots, and many more – including, of course, the humble servants whose labours allow the Court to run smoothly. However not everyone is as they seem. Some (well, all) of those attending have mysterious secrets and will do anything to prevent them from being revealed.

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