3 Actor Private Murder Mystery Performance


Includes event management, murder mystery performance by 3 professional actors with clue packs and prizes. £950.00 +VAT

Choose from over 10 plots!

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How It Works

The Murder Mystery Dinner Party begins with a drinks reception where you meet the characters and receive your clue-packs – keep your wits about you so you don’t miss any vital evidence!

Next it’s through to a three course dinner as the plot unfolds. The actors perform comedic and clue packed scenes in between courses and table hop dropping clues, giving you the chance to question them!

Word-games and quizzes are introduced, which may reveal clues to the culprit.

At dessert time it’s your chance to figure out who dun nit! Then hand in your solution sheets after which the dramatic denouement uncovers the dastardly villain whodunnit! They may even come to a sticky end themselves…

Our combination of interactive improvisation and scripted scenes means your guests can get involved in the action as little or as much as they like creating the perfect blend of fun, comedy and theatre to provide entertainment to die for! Our events appeal to introverts (who enjoy working out the clues) and extroverts (who enjoy interacting with the actors) and we have a broad appeal to both the young and old! Our actors remain in character throughout the entire evening of our unique Carry On Agatha Christie style entertainment.

What’s Included?

  • Choose from a selection of original and witty plots created by our expert team of writers
  • Full event management
  • Murder mystery dinner theatre performance by 3 professional actors 
  • Cluepacks
  • Great prizes of 2 bottles of bubbly for the table that correctly identifies the murderer and a bottle or red (Ribena that is!) for the losers.
  • A free prize draw
  • Limerick competition
  • Fancy dress encouraged with prize for “Best Dressed”

Maximise the fun!

Maximise the Fun!

Personalise it. Our private murder mystery party can even be personalised to your event  – just let us know a few names and juicy titbits about your friends or colleagues and our experienced murder mystery actors will be able to drop these in to add that extra element of surprise! For a real surprise why not keep the event a secret and let the characters reveal the true grisly nature of the evening…

Choose your own plot. We’ve all sorts of themes from flappers and gangsters to the Moulin Rouge and wartime Britain or modern day themed events are also available. View our plots. Alternatively you can commission your own murder mystery story exactly to your requirements (additional cost).

Dine with the characters. Our murder mystery nights  are always fully interactive and excellent entertainment making it a truly unforgettable event, but to get the most out of the evening we recommend the actors dine with the guests at a central table. This does add the expense of paying for their meals, but for entertainment value it’s worth it!

Dance the night away. To continue your evening’s entertainment after the murderer has been discovered, we recommend adding a disco to private events or even a casino if you’re feeling lucky!

Fancy dress. We encourage all guests to dress in fancy dress for the style of the evening – it helps the guests feel more involved and you could win a prize!


Running Order

For private murder mystery events you may choose the start time but we recommend a drinks reception for either 7pm. Advise all guests to arrive on time as we cannot start without all the suspects there!

Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre tends to run about 3 hours approximately, so with a 7pm start the event would finish at approximately 10pm.

7:00pm Drinks reception. Meet the characters at reception for pre dinner theatre drinks, where clue-packs are distributed and you get to know who’s who- keep your wits about you so you don’t miss a clue!

7:30pm Sit down for dinner. Dinner is announced the characters sit at a central table and make introductions; they play out a dramatic scene, ending in who knows?… Bloodshed?

7:45pm Dinner is served. Each course is served and the comic plot unfolds. The actors perform comedic and clue packed scenes in between courses and table hop dropping clues, giving you the chance to question them! Word-games and Quizzes are introduced during the evening, which may reveal clues to who the murderer is!

9:15pm You solve the crime!  At around dessert time it’s your chance to figure out who dunnit! Then hand in your solution sheets for judging after which the drama denouement uncovers the dastardly villain whodunit! They may come to a sticky end…

9:45pm Prizes awarded. The grand prize is awarded to the winners and a booby prize to the losers. But there’s still a chance to win with the free prize draw and best fancy dress!

10pm End of murder mystery event.


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