You may think that Christmas is a long way off but here at Murder Mystery HQ preparations for the festive season are already well under way and places for our Christmas Murder Mystery events are already getting booked up fast!

It’s Never Too Early To Think Outside The Box
You may not be ready to even think about the office Christmas party yet but believe me there isn’t as much time as you think to come up with a great idea that everyone will concur to and that goes off with a bang.

Let us picture the scene for you. Imagine that your work Christmas party is already organised; the usual things are in place – the same old party food, the table full of booze that soon runs out, and the same old DJ playing the same old tunes that you heard last year. All of this either crammed into a small corner of the workplace or in some soulless local municipal hall.

But it doesn’t have to be like that at all.

Now imagine you and your colleagues being the stars of your very own Midsummer Murder, Morse or Sherlock Holmes mystery. Everybody loves to solve a crime, to watch as the identity of the dastardly murderer comes to light. Even better, you can watch the foul perpetrator get their just desserts while you sit and enjoy your delicious dessert at the end of a great 3-course dinner.

Make The Most Of It
Murder Mystery events are growing in popularity all across the country among a wide range of people who want to experience something just that little bit different for their office party.

Murder Mystery dinners are a great way to not only have a lot of fun but also to cement bonds and friendships between work colleagues. The events are professionally organised to ensure everyone involved has the maximum amount of fun possible. They involve scenarios written by professional writers and played out by professional, experienced actors for maximum authenticity.

All those attending the event can enjoy food, drinking and, most importantly can interact with the professionals as much as they want in an effort to solve the ‘whodunnit’. And don’t assume that just because the theme is foul murder that it is a serious business; there is plenty of laughter, fun and prizes involved too.

We operate in all UK locations and host murder mystery dinners and weekends alike, so whatever you choose you can be sure of a Christmas party to remember.