Birmingham has a wealth of history; the originally Anglo-Saxon settlement dates back to the 6th century and has since grown into one of England’s largest cities known mainly for its links to science and technology.

Birmingham is the ideal location for a murder mystery event; its history and haunted heritage sets the perfect scene for dramatic murder mystery productions.

Why Birmingham?
Birmingham has a whole host of activities to participate in, from shopping to visiting the many attractions, bars and restaurants in the area, and you could make a weekend in this bustling city even better with the added appeal of partaking in a Murder Mystery Event. Whether you are looking for a fun evening of entertainment for a group of friends, or you need a team building activity for employee’s, murder mystery gives fun, entertainment and helps exercise communication and team building skills.

The Birmingham Marriott Hotel
The Birmingham Marriott Hotel is a perfect location for murder mystery events. The hotel has many facilities for those staying overnight and it boasts stylish, high quality contemporary surroundings making a murder mystery event feel extra special. Prepare for your murder mystery event by soaking up the relaxing atmosphere by the pool, or treat yourself to a luxury treatment at the spa – the choice is yours! The four-star hotel has many spacious rooms to stay in, including superior rooms and 1 bedroom king suites, meaning you can retire from your murder mystery event in style and comfort! The hotel has on-site parking, for £13 per day. It is located close to the bus station (1.5 miles) and the train station (2.2 miles), making travelling to and from your murder mystery event easy.

Something For Everyone
Maybe you are arranging a birthday, a hen party or work event? If so, murder mystery appeals to all ages, and to those with many different interests – and, there are many murder mystery plot lines you can chose from. You can attend a traditional ‘Agatha Christie’ or ‘Sherlock Holmes’ style event, a ‘Murder at Moulin Rouge’ theme or even a ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’ murder mystery.

Corporate Events
Murder mystery nights work very well as a work event as it encourages colleagues from different areas of the business to engage and work together. This sort of event also encourages quiet, shy employees to come out of their shells and show off their problem solving skills, in turn helping them to communicate and gain confidence.

If you feel that your employees deserve a reward, you can turn a private murder mystery event into an incentive-based murder mystery. Give your employees an extra drive to succeed. You and the rest of your team, along with some professional actors play the parts of the murder mystery drama. You can choose your plot, and each person gets involved to solve the mystery. Perhaps you could even offer an added incentive for the winning individual or team, allowing your staff to get competitive!

A stay in an exciting city, combined with the excitement of solving a murder? Could there be any better way to spend a weekend? We can’t think of one!